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Susanna Robar Ministries

Dwelling Safe in Christ our Lord . . . Psalm 91:1

Survivor Prose & Poetry

The Winds of Autumn

The winds of autumn come and blow,

warmth across my heart to overflow.

Deep from the past, and far from now;

back, behind myself, to where I allow.

The winds of autumn bring to mind,

all those things thought left behind . . .

Behind to stay, never to find,

strength of its own to finally unwind . . .

Unwind the story of bye-gone days,

slowly revealing those horrid ways.

The winds of autumn force to mind,

the spring long forgotten to defend.

This gentle breeze comes for me,

that I might join in winter’s glee.

©2001 Susanna Shutz Robar

Mercy of the Lord

Within the Holy Scriptures,

Love is savored as the prevailing breeze

by way of the Spirit of God, which is named Holy.

It permeates every word, space,

thought, and action that is provoked

by its very existence.

Inside of that Love dwells God’s

Gift of Forgiveness. One cannot be held

without the other.

But let it not be mistaken for an extension

of reprieve without accountability.

True Forgiveness allows for healthy boundaries

until trust might be regained.

There are those times, however, that trust

must be held in reserve

for an extended amount of time.

In such a case, the Gift of Forgiveness

can be activated between God and

the violated person even without

the working and repentant

participation of the one who caused the offense.

Those who continually hold the

Gift of Forgiveness

in their heart will live a life

of Victory over all losses, real and perceived.

It is only through the Gifts of God’s Grace

and His Forgiveness that we are truly released

into a Freedom that is eternally Alive and Fruitful.

©2006 Susanna Shutz Robar

In The Quiet of This Hour

In the quiet of this hour,

I will rest upon Your power.

Your Faithfulness my strength shall be,

in the quiet of this hour.

Like a prison wall that falls,

You are there when someone calls.

The greatest Gift to all mankind

is the Truth that You unbind.

So my Heart with Joy shall dance,

and my Spirit You'll enhance.

For in the morning dawn shall break,

in the quiet of this hour.

As a dove takes flight above,

You are there with all Your Love.

To break the chains of evil ways,

that we might live Free our days.

And so again I praise You, Lord,

as I bow to You adored.

Thanksgiving fills my heart aglow,

in the quiet of this hour.

©1983 Susanna Shutz Robar

Dear Lord Jesus . . .

Be my Shield,

Be my Guide;

Let me run

and never hide.

Protect me now

from satan's snare;

Forever safe

and in your care.

In Your Name, Jesus. Amen

©1998 Susanna Shutz Robar

Castle Fortress

It may be true that I have not walked in your

shoes. But God has. And He has walked every step

of the way behind you as well as ahead of you.

God's truth is revealed in II Corinthians 1:4:

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, Who comforts us

in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort

those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with

which we ourselves are comforted by God.

This comfort-scripture means that God bestows a whole comfort, completely and entirely altogether. The

comfort with which we are comforted by Him

maintains a consistent expression. The balance at the

end of the Ledger of All Time is always zero.

There are no carryovers with God!

It is only when we decide to love and need one another that we have no lack. Accepting and allowing this

humble act, we are accepting God's gift of provision and

prosperity of spirit to our very own person.

In addition to offering comfort, Corinthians

refers to God's comfort as given in all tribulation, comforting with facility toward all trials

and ordeals. No matter which one . . . or when,

where, or how . . . we are able to comfort others in

any struggle or difficulty, even though it

be different from our own.

As we determine to communicate God's

consoling embrace to others, we

immediately partake in contributing to

God's releasing power that He imparts all around.

God's perfect comfort has been made so that it will manifest its reassuring love in and through the

saints of His Kingdom here on earth.

Finally, we must remember this:

the comfort that is given away from the heart

never, ever vanishes or disappears,

as it is kept, like the fortress of a castle,

in the hearts of those we touch.

©2003 Susanna Shutz Robar

My Sanctuary

Closely standing to Receive,

Humbly gaining His Reprieve;

Shielding Face…Protecting Place,

Hidden within the Savior’s Grace.

Shouting now, Eternal Song!

Joining with the Praising Throng!

Enter in…in One Accord!

Dwelling Safe in Christ our Lord!

©2010 Susanna Shutz Robar

My Shield

At certain times in our childhood, my sister

and I ventured into unknown, turbulent waters together. In those times I was set in a sure place, in the wake

of her gallant protection and her unwavering resolve.

She led, cutting a clear path for the journey ahead; and I followed, keeping directly behind her in compliant

pursuit. She carried the arrows sent in flight

toward the enemy; and I scurried after her,

being kept away from coming storms.

In God’s perfect timing, and in His perfected grace, my sister, my protector of sorts, became part of

God’s Divine Completion and He called her to

His Eternal Home in 2010.

She was a valiant warrior in her appreciation of Spiritual Warfare, sacrificially carrying others to the Throne of

God over and over and over again.

To her tribute, many are the Saints who now enjoy

the Blessing of Eternal Salvation through

Jesus Christ our Lord.

©2010 Susanna Shutz Robar

Habakkuk 2:2

...write the vision and make it plain...

© 1998-2022 Susanna Shutz Robar

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